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Do to the abuse of the forum by spammers we have had to go to Registered Users only.

We are providing a [ Support Forum ], where customers can [ Get Help ], post articles about problems they encounter, or tips and tricks that other users might want to know about, click on these links or the Get Help-Forum link above. Also, there are Cached Topics that may be useful. All of the following are suggestions and the user makes the final decision whether to implement them or not. Always make a backup of your computer before attempting any changes. If you have any doubts about making changes, wait and talk to someone experienced with your type of changes.

Our support department will be tuned into this discussion as well, and will reply to questions posted here. Otherwise you can receive customer support by sending  e-mail to Techsupport. for a personal reply; or sending a fax to 1-248-698-1010. We answer as many requests as possible but are unable to answer all.

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