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Check for Broken Links Service

We will check the hyper-links on  your web site.  All links will be verified and those that are found to be broken will be reported to you by e-mail. The report will detail the link and its exact location on your site.  All of our web services are geared to supporting customers that do not wish to spend the time and money on their own web department. Our services can provide everything required to establish a company's web presence. If you have more than 3000 links on your site please email us with your details.


Service Item Number Fee Notes
Per Check Links Session 126720501CL1 $  25.00

  One check links session

Per Check Links Session 126720502CL2 $  24.00   Two check links sessions
Per Check Links Session 126720503CL2 $  23.00   Three check links sessions
Per Check Links Session 126720504CL2 $  22.00   Four check links sessions



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